The 5 Bands You Need To See at WXPN’s Xponential Music Festival

Next week WXPN’s Xponential Music Festival will once again make its home at Wiggins Park and BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ for the weekend. Every year the festival brings together a diverse lineup of bands that transcend genre to the Camden waterfront. One of my personal favorite things about the festival is how every year I find new artists who I love and obsess over before they break out big. Plus, something that really separates Xponential Festival from some of the mega-festivals out there is the fact there are virtually no conflicts with the lineup, so you pretty much never have to worry about missing out on an artist because their set times would overlap with another band. So without further ado, here are the 5 bands you absolutely have to see at Xponential Festival 2019!

5. Foxtrot and the Get Down

Photo Credit: WXPN

Formed locally at West Chester University, Foxtrot and & The Get Down have been making some great jams now for close to a decade. They’ve engrained themselves in the Philadelphia music scene and it’s only fitting that they get to open the first day of this year’s festival with their blend of rock, power pop, blues, soul, complete with their own unique twist. Songs like “Roll Down the Road” and their latest single “Legends Don’t Die” are just meant to be heard live.

Don’t miss Foxtrot & The Get Down at 4:00 pm on the Marina Stage Friday.

4. The Vaughns

Photo Credit: WXPN

The Vaughns are a four piece indie rock band from New Jersey and they open the festival on Saturday. They also just released their debut album F.O.M.O. this year and recently completed an Audiotree Live session, all of this to say that they are really starting to take off. When they preform live their music really come alive and rocks, especially on songs like Bring Your Kid to Work Day (B.Y.K.T.W.D.) and “Stiff”!

See The Vaughns play at 12:00 pm on the Marina Stage Saturday afternoon!

3. RFA

Photo Credit: WXPN

I recently had the pleasure of seeing RFA play WXPN’s Free @ Noon concert and they blew me away. I walked in having never really heard of the band before and they won me over after only a few songs. Back in March they were named one of the 10 bands in Philadelphia you should know and when you see them live it’s pretty apparent why. They have an energy and sound that is reminiscent of what a band like The Strokes were capable of early on in their career, with some genuine passion. They open the final day of Xponential Festival and can’t be missed.

Catch RFA at 12:00 pm on the River Stage Sunday afternoon!

2. Lucy Dacus

Photo Credit: WXPN

Lucy Dacus is one of indie rock’s brightest shooting stars right now. In the past year she’s undertaken a world tour, released one of 2018’s most beloved albums with her sophomore effort Historian, formed the supergroup Boygenius with Phoebe Bridgers and Julian Baker, and is currently in the middle of a singles series with releases timed around each holiday. Dacus writes some of the best lyrics in music today, with songs that are honest and form an instant connection with the listener. Live, those same songs like “Night Shift” and “Addictions” have a way of exploding into something even larger than they already were that rocks the audience to their core.

See Lucy Dacus at 2:40 pm on the River Stage Sunday afternoon.

1. Low Cut Connie

Photo Credit: WXPN

It’s way too late to call Low Cut Connie Philadelphia’s best kept secret. The band just finished up a tour of Europe and even received Sir Elton John’s stamp of approval back in September when he dedicated a song to them during a performance at Wells Fargo Center. When you see Low Cut Connie live they have the type of energy you only see in over produced musicals complete with frontman Adam Weiner routinely jumping on and off the top of his piano while passionately delivering his lyrics all show long. There is a genuine love of rock and roll and playing live here that you rarely see in bands today. Low Cut Connie are the definition of a can’t miss act live, and are a must see when they take the stage on Saturday afternoon.

Catch Low Cut Connie at 2:55 pm on the River Stage Saturday afternoon.

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