27. Star Wars Episode VIII-The Last Jedi (2017)

The eighth episode of the Skywalker saga isn’t Empire Strikes Back, but it’s also no where near the dumpster fire disaster that so many fans cry that it is. In fact, it’s really fucking good. After J.J. Abram’s Force Awakens rebooted/continued the Skywalker saga in 2015 fans complained that the new Star Wars was too similar to the original trilogy. When Rian Johnson’s follow up came in 2017 critics gave it fantastic reviews while fans were very quick to pile onto it for being too different. Guess what? News flash, you shouldn’t continue classic franchises if all you are going to do is retread the same ground. In that case why not just remake the movie? The Last Jedi takes risks and it has actual stakes. Not just in regards to the places it takes it’s characthters and how it develops them, but also the implications for the broader extended universe. That is about the highest compliment you can possibly give a major franchise in this decade. I absolutely adore Last Jedi for what it brings to the table and gives us. I’ll also go out on a limb and say that this is far, far, away the best shot movie in the Star Wars universe and isn’t even remotely close.

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