26. Melophobia- Cage the Elephant (2013)

After two terrific records, on 2013’s Melophobia Cage the Elephant found their sound. That’s not to say that their first two records weren’t great, they absolutely were, but Melophobia is where they became the band they are today. For a band that has so many hit songs (their 9 chart toppers on the billboard rock charts are the most of any band this decade), it’s crazy to realize how many of their hits came from this record. Main singles like”Cigarette Daydreams”, “Come A Little Closer”, “Take it or Leave it” are all some of the best songs in Cage the Elephant’s catalogue, plus even live staples like “Teeth”, “Spiderhead” and “It’s Just Forever” all come from Melophobia. It’s no wonder that Melophobia, to date, has been the album Cage the Elephant has played songs live from more than any other. Like anything with Cage the Elephant a lot of this comes down to their incendiary live performances, and these songs still pack the same punch today that they did when they first played them.

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