24. Pure Comedy- Father John Misty (2017)

Father John Misty is the closest thing that the millennial generation has to a Randy Newman type figure. That isn’t to say he’s ripping Newman off, far from it. But Father John Misty has the same inclination serving as this generation’s witty and satirical crooner. See the title track where he sings about how a dying man has to check twitter one last time before he goes. Pure Comedy has a lot of exsistential dread to it, and the themes touch on pretty much everything you can think of. It’s a very 2017 record and a very Father John Misty record (obviously, he wrote it, but I mean to say that this record is a full on unabashed romp of Mistys creativity). It was honestly a pretty big toss up for which record of his to include. I think 2015’s I Love You, Honeybear, might be his best record while 2018’s God’s Favourite Customer is the record of his that I return to the most. However, if I am being honest Pure Comedy was my entry point into Father John Misty and it will always have a little extra piece of my heart for that.

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