19. Everybody Wants- The Struts (2016)

Believe it or not, The Struts have actually been around for a little bit longer than you’ve realized. Their debut record Everybody Wants was actually released back in 2014, with the re-release coming in 2016 after the massive success of the single “Could Have Been Me” on alternative radio. There are actually a few changes from the original version too that almost make it feel like another album and hence why I picked the reissue over the original. Out are the songs “My Machine,” “You & I” and “Let’s Make This Happen Tonight”, and in are the superior “Mary Go Round,” “The Ol’ Switcheroo,” “Young Stars,” “These Times are Changing” and “Only Just a Call Away”. The original record is very good, but the updated re-issue is utterly fantastic. The new songs “These Times are Changing” and “Only Just A Call Away” feel indispensable, while the original songs that went onto be hits like “Could Have Been Me” and “Kiss This” are terrific and enhanced when you listen to the record front to back. The Struts are thought of as one of the best bands of the retro rock movement, but they are doing so much more than anyone gives them credit for. This is a great and original record that pays homage to its influences yes, but you can also tell there’s more here than meets the eye. You also absolutely need to see them live if you have the chance, they are one of the best live bands operating right now.

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