17. Worry- Jeff Rosenstock (2016)

Modern punk is in a pretty fascinating place. The classic punk bands are either all dead or have essentially been turned into classic rock bands. The pop-punk bands of the 90s and 00s have started to take their place as nostalgic touring bands, pouring out an album every 4-5 years with a tour every 2-3 where they mostly just play their hits. But few people have emerged as a leader for modern punk like Jeff Rosenstock, and the impressive thing is that he manages to do it without really trying to. Worry like most great punk rock albums, is a political record. Over the album’s 37 minute, 17 track runtime it manages to touch on everything from economic anxiety and insecurity to the treatment and murder of african-americans by police. Truthfully, similarly to Father John Misty it was a tossup for me over whether to include Worry or 2018’s Post as both are utterly fantastic, but I’ll again give the edge to the record that got me into Rosenstock.

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