15. Sound and Color- Alabama Shakes (2015)

In 2012 Brittany Howard and company burst onto the scene with one of the better debut records of the decade, their self-titled Alabama Shakes. In 2015 they crafted a sonic masterpiece, the aptly named Sound and Color. On their sophomore record they expand their sound far past the roots-rock and soul that dominated their debut. The themes of space and exploration are heavily on display down to the vocals which see Howard ascend to an otherworld place. At 47 minutes it benefits form having time to be expansive, but it never stays its welcome or drags. “Don’t Wanna Fight”, the title track, and “Gimmie All Your Love” got all the radio airplay, but it’s some of the more introspective moments where the Alabama Shakes truly shine. Immediately after I heard them I just knew that “This Feeling” and “Over My Heard” were going to endure as the two of the best songs Alabama Shakes have ever written.

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