13. Celeberation Rock-Japandroids (2012)

Bands talk all the time about wanting to capture the spirit of their live shows on record. Rarely does it actually succeed in a meaningful way, but on Celebration Rock Japandroids did just that. Finding a way to seemingly effortlessly translate the raw power and energy of their live shows into a record that punches you in the mouth from the opening riff and never lets go. Japandroids are an incredible two-piece that combine garage and punk rock to lethal effects. It’s reminiscent of another iconic band from the early-mid 2000s too. The White Stripes were a dominant two piece that combined garage rock and the blues to powerful and loud results. Both of these bands are at their best when they wear their influences on their sleeve but stay true to themselves. Songs like “Younger Us” and “The Nights of Wine and Roses” are truly anthems that screech with authenticity and authority in a way that make you feel like only Japandroids could have written them.

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