11. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful- Florence + The Machine (2015)

Florence Welch has one of the best voices in all of music right now. It’s a transcendent instrument that can transport you to another world and since the band Florence + The Machine burst onto the scene with their debut album Lungs in 2009, she’s made great records. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is the third Florence + The Machine album and it’s also easily my favorite. Yes Lungs and Ceremonials each boast her biggest singles “Dog Days are Over” and “Shake it Off”, but through and through How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful puts its foot on the gas and doesn’t let up. It all starts with album opener “Ship to Wreck” which should be lauded among the aforementioned singles as one of Florence’s most anthemic tracks. This album is consistently great and features Florence’s best most introspective writing to date. This was another huge record for me in college, and one I’ve just never been able to let go of.

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