7. Stranger in the Alps- Phoebe Bridgers (2017)

Stranger in the Alps is a record that I ended up finding about a year after it was released. I am not sure I even really remember where or when or how, but I do remember that as soon as I heard Bridgers’ first album I was immediately hooked. I couldn’t put it down and listened to it on repeat for a good two weeks after I discovered it. Bridgers’ songwriting is absolutely brilliant and songs like “Georgia”, “Funeral”, “Motion Sickness” wreak of the kind of intimacy it takes most songwriters years to develop. Which might be the most impressive thing about her, Bridgers writing style is so refreshing and at a level far beyond most of her peers. It takes most writers years and multiple albums to be able to pen songs as affecting as the ones she writes here. Phoebe Bridgers’ debut record is a lot of things. It’s intimate, emotional, raw, dazzling, and at times even surprisingly funny. Above all else it’s a breath of fresh air and one of the decade’s most brilliantly written album

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