5. This is Happening-LCD Soundsystem (2010)

LCD Soundsystem are one of the most influential bands of the decade which is crazy to think about considering James Murphy and company only released two records throughout the entirety of the 2010s. That’s partially due to their retirement following This is Happening, their 3+ hour funeral concert at Madison Square Garden, and the incredible music they left behind prior to their 2017 comeback record american dream. Around the time of This is Happening‘s release, everyone thought their impending retirement meant that this would ultimately be their final record, and if it were to be the last will and testament of one of indie rock’s greatest bands, it was truly a damn great one. “Dance Yrself Clean” feels like the culmination of everything LCD Soundsystem was meant to accomplish, one of this decades greatest most triumphant sonic moments (well close to nine minutes). The perfect blend of synths, electronic beats, and overly pretentious indie rock and roll. “I Can Change” is easily one of the best songs in LCDs discography and “You Wanted A Hit” is a playfully classic LCD tune. In the wake of their 2017 reunion there has been a lot of renewed interest in the electro-indie rock giants’ careers and thankfully This is Happening stands among 2007’s Sound of Silver as one one of their greatest accomplishments.

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