3. Melodrama-Lorde (2017)

Often times break up records can come off pretty terribly if we are being truthful. A lot of times the sheer concept of the break up record ends up being a lot of flash and not much substance. The lack of real direction leads the album collapses in on itself and reveal it to be just a record of one trick ponies. Not Lorde and not Melodrama, which if I were to pick a musical hill to die on, I would stand to say is the greatest pop record of the 2010s. “Green Light” is the best pop song of the 2010s, it has an infectious chorus, but it also carries an honesty that so few pop songs do. “Sober”, “Sober II (Melodrama)”, “The Louvre” and “Perfect Places” are undeniably great. “Liability” is the true standout track here as Lorde pens the songs a beautiful song with an authenticity and vulnerability that makes for truly great art, but also takes her to the type of place that artists so rarely end up going. Melodrama is pop music’s greatest moment of the decade.

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