2. Trouble Will Find Me- The National (2013)

Over the years The National have defied the odds and continued to have the most consistent career of any of their 2000s indie rock peers. On Trouble Will Find Me, their sixth record, The National are simultaneously at the top of their game and at their most bleak. From Matt Berninger’s apology to his brother Tom on the opening track “I Should Live in Salt” through the closing notes of the album’s final track “Hard to Find” which tackles themes such as gun violence, a happy record this is not. On Trouble Will Find Me the Dessner brothers arrange some of their best work to date while lead singer Matt Berninger’s lyrics remain as witty and soul crushing as ever. Songs like “Demons”, “I Need My Girl”, and “Graceless” showcase how when at their best, the band is able to turn any song into an opportunity for unabashed catharsis. The National are one of my all time favorite bands and all of their records have a special place in my heart. Like a few bands who have albums on this list I easily could have picked any of their records, but Trouble Will Find Me remains in my opinion, the band’s best work other than 2007’s Boxer.

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