9. Villains- Queens of the Stone Age (2017)

Josh Homme is one of rock’s superstars. He grew to prominence with stoner rock band Kyuss back in the 90s and after they broke up he formed Queens of the Stone Age, the definitive dessert rock band of this century. They made their magnum opus back in 2002 with their Dave Grohl aided Songs for the Deaf, one of the best through and through rock albums of the 2000s which also had arguably the decade’s best rock song with “No One Knows”. 15 years and 3 albums later Queens of the Stone age return with Villains a record that almost rivals Songs for the Deaf. Villains only boasts 9 songs but at 48 minutes long everything gets time to breath and hits hard. It also has Queens of the Stone Age’s best single of the decade with “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” and has some of their most ambitious songs of the decade with the album closers “The Evil Has Landed” and “Villains of Circumstance” each clocking in at over 6 minutes.

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