3. Get Out (2017)

Was there a more widely culturally significant film of the decade than Get Out? I doubt it very seriously. After years of making some truly brilliant sketch comedy for Key and Peele with Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele stepped way outside of his comfort zone and delivered the decade’s definitive horror film, Get Out. It’s a film with extremely obvious political overtones, a sick sense of humor, and a definitive vision. Get Out deals with extremely topical and weighty themes, but it’s smart enough to handle all of them with care and never shies away from making it’s point. It’s pretty crazy to see Jordan Peele make a film like Get Out right out of the gate on his first try as a feature length director, as Get Out is the kind of cohesive statement and vision that directors work their entire lives to try and achieve. The performances are brilliant, the writing superb, and the final product utterly mesmerizing.

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